Introduction to the Site and Updates

Welcome to the site! Here you will find all sorts of releases from the show, as the manga, anime, music, etcetera.

The objective of this site is to compile all of the official resources that exists, and in some cases if a fan made version exists that surpasses the official ones or creates something that it doesn’t exist officially, both kinds of releases will be uploaded to the site. As for the quality in itself of the releases, I will always go for the highest possible, since you can basically find any crappy release on the net just like nothing, and I want to help you out getting hard to find resources or even yet, exclusive releases without even struggling! 😀

I will focus mostly on the music department, since it is the most lacking in terms of good uploads in the internet (TSDM might help you out but not always 🙁 ), and also because it is the best thing about the show in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean I won’t upload anime, manga or anything else, it just means that I will prioritize music more than any other category.

If you want to access the releases, press this button here:

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Down here you’ll find the updates I make to the site, whether it be new posts or simply updates to already existing releases:

Now all music will be uploaded as individual flac files with metadata, the old uploads will be fixed eventually.

10/11/2018: Added Ending 7 TV Version, added Opening 47 scans and Opening 22

11/11/2018: Added Opening 8 TV Version, added Opening 22 scans and Movie 12 Theme Song with scans

12/11/2018: Added Ending 15

16/11/2018: Added Opening 6 and Movie 3 Theme Song