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Detective Conan Song Album: I’m Here

Character song album released the year 1997, in order to promote the anime that launched the previous year



Standard – POCX-1081

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. I’m Here ~Conan’s Theme~

2. I’ve Met a Good Person ~Shinichi’s Theme~

3. The Mystery is Calling Us ~The Detective Boys’ Theme~

4. If I Close My Eyes ~Ran’s Theme~

5. The Road Stars Walked On ~Detective Conan New Main Theme~

6. Our Memories ~Memories~

7. I Must Do This ~Conan’s Victory~

8. I’m Feeling You ~Ran’s Love Theme~

9. If You’re There (Album Version) ~Detective Conan Main Theme~

1 – CD

Bitrate: 933 Kbps


Password: racer21


7/10/2019 – Added POCX-1081



POCX-1081 – racer21