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Detective Conan: Challenge from the Detective Boys!

Drama CD about a challenge from the Detective Boys, released the year 2012



Standard – CNAN-0001

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. Detective Red Jacket, the best!

2. Opening Title

3. Let’s challenge Conan!

4. Challenge from the Detective Boys ①

5. Challenge from the Detective Boys ②

6. Phantom thieves are elusive

7. A challenge from Kid?

8. Decipher the cipher!

9. Phantom thieves like detectives?

10. And that’s the outcome!?

11. “Words can lead to disaster, Detective”

12. Special Track: Thank You for the Drama CD Recording Talk

1 – CD

Bitrate: 618 Kbps


Password: racer21


16/03/2020 – Added CNAN-0001



CNAN-0001 – racer21