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Q: Where do you get your releases?

A: At the end of each post I explain in detail the source of everything.

Q: What’s the format and structure of your uploads?

A: In each section of this page I explain more throughly how I structure my uploads.

Q: What’s this checksum file I find sometimes, and what’s its purpose?

A: Every file has a SHA o CRC number that identifies them, which it’s unique to each file, and even the tiniest change to them will modify those values. Then, in order to ensure that the download has been completed succesfully, this file will check that.

Q: How shall I proceed once I completed a download?

A: It’s really simple, if the file is compressed, just download 7-Zip, and then, even though it’s not mandatory, in order to compare the checksums obtained in the download with the ones intended, HashCheck will do the job.

Q: Why are you slow with your releases?

A: Quality over quantity.


Q: In which format do you organize your uploads?

A: All the images are uploaded individually, without any kind of lossy compression whatsoever, so you can have a preview of the photos and you can actually download which photos you are interested into. The checksum file will be only included in those cases the releases won’t be updated over time. For what matters in terms of the sheer quality of the photos, since there’s not standard for them, the only thing I can reassure is that they are uploaded in the best quality possible.


Q: Why can’t I find the song the same way it sounds in the anime?

A: The reasoning is very simple, the song you hear in the anime is the often called “TV Size/TV Edit” version of the song, and sometimes these versions of the songs are never officially released, and thus, nearly impossible to get them. If you want to know where to get more information on the matter, check the wiki.

Q: In which way do you organize your uploads?

A: As for the official uploads, each disc will be separated in an individual 7z file with these files: a FLAC for each song and a LOG file (to compare the quality of the rip with the original source). As for DVDs goes, they are stored in an ISO file. Blu-rays are simply stored in a BDMV folder. These releases also include the scans of their cases done at 600 dpi in TIFF with LZW compression in a separated RAR file. As for digital downloads, everything will be organized the same way as CDs but without the LOG file. Unofficial uploads will be uploaded individually and in the format will vary depending if it’s just an audio file (FLAC) or a video (MKV).

Q: Why the naming of the tracks sometimes are weird and nonsensical?

A: To put it shortly, I follow the exact structure the original track naming has, I prioritize way more archiving rather than comodity.

Q: Why the title of some releases are not in English?

A: Because since it doesn’t exist an official name in English, and to maintain the fidelity to the original naming, the rōmaji naming will be used in those cases there’s only a Japanese naming for the releases. It’s important to understand that some common structures in titles and some other titles in their entirety will still be translated to english in order to make it easier to understand or just because the community accepted/decided this translation.


Q: In which format do you organize your uploads?

A: As for DVDs goes, they are stored in an ISO file and compressed in a 7z file. Blurays are simply stored in a BDMV folder and also compressed in a 7z file. These releases also include the scans of their cases done at 600 dpi in TIFF with LZW compression in a separated 7z file. Unofficial versions will be included in MKV file and compressed in a 7z file.

As time goes by, if more questions arise, I will update this page with the respective answers if the questions are interesting enough. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me anything through the Discord server.