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Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Super Best

First album compiling the best songs from the soundtrack of the movies and the anime, released the year 1997



Standard – POCX-1082

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. Detective Conan Main Theme

2. Detective Conan New Main Theme

3. Showdown Theme

4. The Detective Boys’ Theme

5. Conan’s Theme

6. Ran’s Theme

7. Conan’s Victory

8. Bouncing Ran

9. Professor Agasa’s Theme

10. Ran’s Love Theme (Guitar Version)

11. Seal of England

12. The Investigation Begins (Skyscraper Version)

13. Detective Conan Main Theme (Skyscraper Version)

14. Theme of Evil

15. Kogoro Mouri’s Theme (Funky Version)

16. Flash

17. The Great Detective of the West

18. Shinichi’s Theme

19. A Small Great Person

20. If You’re There

21. The Culprit’s Hideout (More and More Version)

22. Conan’s Crisis

23. Threat Part 2

24. Shinichi’s Pursuit Theme

25. Omoide

26. Scene of the Case (Mystery Version)

27. Deduction (Original Version)

28. Creeping Shadow

29. Early Afternoon Angels

30. Detective Conan Main Theme (Vocal Version)

1 – CD

Bitrate: 859 Kbps


Password: racer21


23/10/2018 – Added POCX-1082

25/12/2018 – Fixed tracklist of POCX-1082



POCX-1082 – racer21