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Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the 4th movie “Captured in Her Eyes”, released the year 2000



Standard – POCX-2006

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. Assassin’s Theme -Foreboding Case-

2. Detective Conan Main Theme (Assassin Version)

3. Tropical Land

4. Take the Quiz

5. Conan Suite -Captured in Her Eyes-

6. Police Interrogation

7. Black Shadow -Challenge-

8. Memories of Tropical Land

9. Assassin’s Theme -The Devil’s Hand Approaches-

10. Assassin’s Theme -Sniping-

11. Destined Moment

12. Amnesia (Shadow)

13. Inspector Megure’s Confession

14. Need not to know.

15. The Facts (TENMATSU)

16. The New Detective Boys’ Theme

17. Amnesia (Light)

18. Identifying the Suspect

19. Conan, Move Out!

20. Ran’s in Danger!

21. The Culprit’s (Sniper’s) Identity

22. Surprising Truth

23. Jet Black Murderous Intent

24. Escaping From the Cave

25. 5・4・3・2・1!

26. If You’re There (Assassin Version)

27. Their Date

28. THE END (“Good Heavens!”)

1 – CD

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1/9/2020 – Added POCX-2006



POCX-2006  – racer21