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Detective Conan: Strategy above the depths Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the 9th movie “Strategy above the depths”, released the year 2005



Standard – UPCH-1397

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. 15 Years Ago ・ The First Yashiro Maru

2. And, 15 Years After the Sinking

3. The Aphrodite

4. Detective Conan Main Theme (Above the Depths Version)

5. Aphrodite Big Band

6. Ran’s Victory Celebration

7. Agasa Quiz ’05

8. Kogoro’s Ecstasy ~ As For Conan and the Others

9. Sonoko and Ai’s Unique Combination

10. Hide-and-Seek

11. Calm Feeling

12. Lover Man

13. Secret Maneuvers

14. Indication ~ Father’s Rival

15. Crisis ~ Panic

16. Impatience (ASERI)

17. On Site Investigation ’05

18. Investigation Meeting ’05 ~ Chase Scene

19. Calm Detective Shiratori

20. Conan’s Secret Investigation

21. Memories (Above the Depths Version)

22. Conan’s Strategy Mistake

23. On the Waves…? ~ Message

24. Welcome Party

25. Kogoro’s Perplexing Deduction

26. The Real Star Takes the Stage ~ Deduction

27. Chase Them!

28. Motorboat Battle

29. Detective Conan Main Theme (Above the Depths Ad-lib Version)

30. Strategy Theme

31. The New Question That’s Arisen

32. The Fruit Knife Is!?

33. Conan Challenges the Truth

34. The Truth of the 15th Year

35. The Great Detective Kogoro Mouri’s Deduction

36. Action

37. Hurry! Conan

38. Rescue

39. Praying for Peace

40. Our Memories ~Memories~ (Above the Depths Version)

1 – CD

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25/3/2019 – Added UPCH-1397



UPCH-1397  – racer21