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Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the 6th movie “The Phantom of Baker Street”, released the year 2002



Standard – UPCH-1150

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. Prologue ~ Noah’s Ark’s Theme

2. Hiroki’s Decision ~ Departure

3. Detective Conan Main Theme (Baker Street Version)

4. Game Show

5. The Second and Third Generation Children

6. Impolite Kids

7. Cocoon

8. Professor Agasa’s Quiz

9. Thoughts of Father

10. Schindler’s Suspense

11. Crime Scene ~ Conan’s Deduction

12. Dying Message

13. Noah’s Ark Evil Theme

14. Game Explanation

15. Game Course Introduction

16. To the Game Stage At Last

17. Hiroki’s Upbringing

18. Jack the Ripper?

19. Anxious Expression

20. Cheer Up ~ The Clock’s Hand is…

21. Holmes’ Room

22. Jack the Ripper’s Consideration

23. To Where Colonel Moran is ~ Disappearance

24. Imminent Evil

25. Conan’s Crisis for All

26. Nothing More That Can Be Done ~ Conan’s Gamble

27. The Return of Professor Moriarty

28. Jack the Ripper’s Upbringing

29. London Night ~ The Second Crime Scene

30. Moriarty’s Announcement

31. The Beautiful Irene Adler

32. Opera Theater ~ Fear

33. Pursuit ~ Charing Cross Station

34. The Culprit is You!

35. The Culprit’s Identity

36. Yusaku’s Deduction

37. The Capture of Ran

38. Jack the Ripper’s Fate

39. Conan is Cornered

40. Ran’s Courage

41. Calmness ~ Thank You, Holmes

42. Hiroki’s Theme (Noah’s Ark)

43. Revival

44. Conan’s Game Over

45. Thank You, Holmes (Long Version)

1 – CD

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Password: racer21


22/12/2018 – Added UPCH-1150



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