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Detective Conan: The Private Eyes’ Requiem Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the 10th movie “The Private Eyes’ Requiem”, released the year 2006



Standard – UPCH-1485

TracklistTechnical information

1 – CD

1. Detective Conan Main Theme (Requiem Version)

2. Miracle Land

3. Super Snake


5. Flying Pirates


7. Kaitou Kid’s Manifesto (Requiem Version)

8. Running Conan

9. The Bike’s Threat

10. Skateboard vs Bike

11. Miracle Land Quiz

12. Merry-Go-Round

13. Torture

14. The Client

15. Search Takashima!

16. Kaitou Kid Appears (Requiem Version)

17. Strange Investigation

18. This Is It!

19. Bank Transport Vehicle (Flashback)

20. Easy Going Parent Kogoro

21. Yokohama Ocean University Search

22. Mystery of the Photograph ~ Men Taking Out Guns

23. Osaka Prefecture Policeman, Otaki

24. Ai’s Worry

25. Thief!!

26. The Trio’s Search and Deduction

27. Touch A ~ Sniping Case

28. Blood Trace

29. Comical Medley A.B.C.

30. Hostage ~ Explosion Crisis

31. Conclusive Case ~ Devised Case

32. The Mystery Being Unraveled…

33. Kogoro Explains the Case

34. Detective Conan Love Theme

35. The Man’s Sorrow

36. The Full Story Behind the Case

37. The True Evil

38. Loading the Walther

39. The Heroic Battle

40. Joy

41. The Case’s Explanation

42. Peace Returns

43. Climax

44. Epilogue

1 – CD

Bitrate: 836 Kbps


Password: racer21


18/3/2019 – Added UPCH-1485



UPCH-1485  – racer21